An investment approach that is focused, differentiated, and proven

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A proven strategy underpinned by specialist greenfield experience

We are specialists who are dedicated to accelerating the transition to clean energy through our focus on construction-ready greenfield infrastructure projects.

Our investment approach is informed by decades of experience in the structuring, building, optimising, and monetising of energy transition infrastructure projects and platforms. We focus in countries and technologies in which we have deep experience.

Our proven strategy and specialist expertise means that we are well-positioned to deliver positive impact and an attractive risk-adjusted return, including the "greenfield premium", for the benefit of our clients.

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Leveraging our core strengths

We have a primary focus on bankable technologies in the areas of clean energy production and clean energy enablers. We also have the potential to explore other investments in energy transition infrastructure on an opportunistic basis through bespoke solutions with our partners.

  • Solar PV – large-scale production of electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at solar farms located in areas with favourable conditions for solar irradiation.
  • Wind – large-scale production of electricity from wind turbines at wind farms located onshore and offshore.

  • Battery storage – grid-scale battery energy storage systems that enable the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid by storing excess clean energy when it is produced and releasing it back into the grid when demand is high.
  • Networks – building and upgrading of networks for the reconfiguration of the grid, enabling the transportation of electricity from renewable energy sources in remote locations to high-demand population centres.

  • Opportunities to collaborate with market-leading industrial partners in other technologies related to clean energy.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with asset owners in developing customised solutions to address specific energy challenges and achieve sustainability objectives.

Delivering value enhancements

At the centre of our strategy is a focus on delivering value enhancements throughout the project lifecycle.

We achieve this by being involved in projects early on, preferably at or near the construction-ready stage. This allows us to apply our skills in de-risking and optimising assets at every phase through origination, construction, financing, operations, cash flow, and exit.

In particular, our extensive experience in revenue contracting enables us to deliver the stability and predictability of cash flow that our clients expect from their infrastructure investments.

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Access to an established network

We work with a global network of market participants, including industrial partners, energy buyers, equipment suppliers, and policymakers. Through these relationships, we have built a strong reputation for execution and reliability.

Our established network enhances our access to quality deal flow and bilateral opportunities, scale benefits and global reach, as well as global offtake demand and breadth of revenue hedging solutions.

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